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Motorboat school on Lake Zurich on the Mastercraft or Yamarin

Aloha Boat School and its partner Lunasailing offer motorboat driving school on a Mastercraft with rigid shaft and a Yamarin with outboard engine. Learn how to drive a motorboat safely on your preferred type of propulsion.

Training on outboard is easier, cheaper and possible in a shorter time. Training on rigid shaft is demanding, more expensive and takes more time – but afterwards you can sail properly on rigid shaft and master Mastercraft, Malibu, Nautique, Correct Craft, Bösch, Pedrazzini, etc.

Learn to drive motorboat with rigid shaft

You will always benefit from solid training on rigid shaft. A change to sterndrive or outboard is relatively easy – but if you learn with an outboard or sterndrive and later want to maneuver safely and skillfully with a motorboat with rigid shaft, this requires many hours of acclimatization. Also very suitable as a training boat for people who are later on sailing ships – there is usually rigid shaft drive.

We are the 1st motorboat school in Switzerland that gives lessons on a Mastercraft with bad weather canopy. Bad weather canopy, heating and windshield wipers provide comfortable conditions in any weather – even in winter.

The average number of lessons until successful completion of the exam with the Mastercraft is about 30 lessons of 90 minutes each.
As a rule, one lesson lasts 90 min.

You will be charged by the hour – by payment slip or cash.


135 CHF/Hour
200 CHF/Lesson

Learn to drive motorboat with outboard engine

The classic and most chosen variant for the powerboat driving school.

With the outboard motor you maneuver in harbors and reverse maneuvers much easier and more flexible than on the rigid shaft from the mastercraft. This type of drive is especially suitable for boaters with a somewhat smaller budget, little time or people who want to drive mainly on outboard engines or sterndrives in the future.

The average number of hours required to pass the exam is 15-20 lessons of 90 minutes each for the outboard.

We charge by the hour – by payment slip or cash.

125 CHF/Hour
180 CHF/Lesson

Training area

Our training areas are the lower Lake Zurich basin and Oberrieden. For the motor lessons we usually start from the harbors Zurich Seerose, Zurich Tiefenbrunnen or Thalwil.


As individual lessons or group of 2. We are also happy to give you private lessons on your own boat.

Depending on your wishes and availability, the motorboat school can be completed in blocks as a half-day course, full-day course or in lessons of 90 minutes each. We will be happy to discuss with you the most suitable variant and its advantages and disadvantages.

Training hours

January to December, by individual arrangement with you, from Tuesday to Sunday from about 7°° to about 20°°, depending on the season and daylight.
On the Mastercraft with rigid shaft the training takes place from April – October.


Our lessons are held in all weather conditions, as far as the safety of the ship and crew allows. Special clothing is not necessary except for shoes with non-slip soles (e.g. sneakers).

Training program

The motorboat and the prescribed equipment including the motor system. Mooring and unmooring at jetty and pier port and starboard, forward and reverse. Maneuvering in confined spaces (turning in place, turning over the bow). Bow and stern landing at buoy, jetty and in box, “man overboard” maneuvers. Sailing on different courses according to memory points and compass. General seamanship (knots, occupying the ship, ship safety, basics of navigation). Preparation for the category A exam.

Training duration

The duration of training varies depending on personal education and age. The average is about 20 lessons of 1.5 hours until the exam maturity.

Training material

Our specially developed comprehensive training materials are included in the training price and will be given to you in your first lesson.


Personal accident insurance is the responsibility of the student, no liability can be assumed by Aloha Boat School. Damage caused by the student to the school boat and equipment are insured through the hull insurance flat rate.

Proof of achievement driving instructor

Your instructor Andreas Rieser is a very experienced skipper with the licenses for motorboat and sailing ships inland, passenger ships – 300 persons, cargo ships, Swiss offshore license for sailing and motor yachts. Per year he is on the way over 25’000 km on the lake or sea! He grew up on Lake Zurich and knows every corner here.

Contents of the basic training

Requirements for a successful exam


Knowledge of the ship


Boat operation


Safety on board / seamanship


Knot & berth the vessel at the jetty




Making the ship ready for the voyage, fire fighting, water in the ship, average, weather knowledge, knowledge of the area


Lateral docking and undocking at the jetty forward (starboard and port)


Turn over bow


Maneuvering in the tightest space


Docking in boxes forward and backward


Man overboard maneuver


Anchor maneuver

Welcome on board